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You Are Here:Home > Product > changeable 14500 battery 3.0-6.0v vv mod--Mini Lambo
changeable 14500 battery 3.0-6.0v vv mod--Mini Lambo
*variable voltage 3.0-6.0v
*stainless steel material
*world's best 14500 battery vv mod
*can charge by eGo USB charger
*eGo twist,itaste killer
Product Details
eGo twist and itaste Killer! 14500 battery mini Lambo vv mod 3.0-6.0v

Bored with the ego twist and the itaste battery?Then have a try of the mini Lambo!This is the world's first 14500 battery vv ecig mod designed to kill the eGo style built-in battery vv e-cigs.As you know the biggest disadvantage of eGo twist and itaste is the lifespan is too short as the PCB is always on load and the built in Lithium battery go dead quickly.The mini Lambo overcame the problems by the changeable battery design.You can charge it simply by an eGo USB charger without the hassle of take the battery out of the device like other mods.

Features of mini Lambo mod:
1,variable voltage 3.0-6.0v by 0.1v increment
2,can charge with eGo USB charger directly
3,can check battery voltage
4,can check atomizer resistance
5,can lock the output voltage
6,blue digital display
7,slim in size,about same size as eGo
8,use 1pc 14500 high drain battery
9,easy to operate system
10,stainless steel material
11,reverse battery protection
12,atomizer short circuit protection

Each set comes with:
1x mini lambo device
1x Evod atomizer
1x eGo USB charger
1x user manual
1x gift box

Color available:stainless steel
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