Twist 2.0

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Twist 2.0



Variable voltage 3.2V-4.8V
Battery capacity 1300mAh
Size L 112mm*D18mm
Weight 50G
Full charge 1,200puffs



.Output voltage: 3.2V-4.8V

.5 times clicking on/off

.10 seconds cut off protection

.Atomizer short circuit protection

.Over-charge protection

.Over voltage charge protection. It’s safe to be charged with 5V USB charger

.Low voltage warning

Battery Status:

Battery voltage ≤ 3.5V, Red Led light. <40% charge

3.5<Battery voltage<3.8V, Blue Led light. 40%-80% charge

Battery voltage ≥ 3.8V, White led light. 80%-100% charge


When the battery is connected to the USB charger, the battery LED will flash 3 times and starts charging

When the battery is removed from USB charger, the battery LED will flash 6 times which indicates it’s ready to use.